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What to Do When You Want to Be of Assistance to Help Someone Who Is Hoarding

Hoarding is an activity that mostly is triggered by impulsive decisions that is a negative behavior for one to make it a behavior. Hoarding is an activity that makes most people develop a dependent mentality on hiding and buying of materials. If you note that you are either a hoarder or you know of another that is one, you need to take some measures to help stop the behavior. You need to ensure that you approach the victim politely and gently if you want to help them out of it. There is a difference between hoarding and collecting of items. When hoarding, the victim will feel embarrassed about the items that they just bought or those they had stored. Hoarding involves getting items that are of low or no value at all. If depression is not dealt with, hoarding becomes an escape for most that may make them end in lack of money. Once someone who is hoarding gets to the denial stage, they would not want anyone to see what they do, so they result to completely isolating themselves or locking themselves. Hoarding is a serious activity that needs to handled in friendly ways that are briefly highlighted here.

Before anything else, you need to get close to the victim, and that is by ensuring that you have regular visits. As you visit the victim, introduce new better mind distracting activities. Depression is a state that most victims try to hide to look as though they are happy when they are suffering from within. You need to make your relationship with the victim stronger by getting closer to them.

Once the hoarding victim lets you to their homes, you should avoid making your visits seem as though they are interrogative. High chances are that you will be shocked in seeing all the materials that they have and may feel like you should take the items. Ensure that you seem comfortable in their rooms and act as though it is normal to have so many items of little value . Once you give it time, it will be in the victim to open up and ask for help in cleaning up their room.

You need to learn first and equip yourself with all the info that you can that concerns hoarding. Hoarding is a psychiatric case that so many people are not aware of. Listen to the hoarding victim more and get to be there for them during their low moments.

You may cause the hoarding act to go a notch higher if you introduce another activity that involves spending. With hoarding, a victim can eventually turn out to be a beggar or result in taking loans to keep up with the activity.